Serial vs. Parallel Repeats on Test Clips (in Timed Compositions)

In Timed Compositions, Repeat By - parallel, Repeat By - serial, and Infinite repeats can be set using the Repeat Count toggle icon on the surface of test clips in the Composition Editor. Simply click the icon in your Timed Composition to cycle through the options: parallel, serial, or inactive. Note that for longer timed clips the Repeat Types icon may appear on the far right of the clip. If necessary, scroll to locate this icon.

  • Use Repeat By - serial repeats to fire the test clip sequentially, or serially, at the specified time for the repeat count indicated by the integer on the test clip surface.
  • Use Repeat By - parallel repeats to fire the test clip concurrently, or in parallel, at the specified time for the same integer.
  • Use None to fire the test clip only once.
  • Use infinite, or Infinite, to fire the test clip until the test composition stops playing.

In the screenshot on the right, the test clip in Track 1 will repeat 2 times in serial. In Track 2, the clips will fire in parallel for the specified integer.