Site Administration

The Site Administration page displays general administrative details to users designated the "Site Administrator" privilege.

Click Central list > Server Administration to view and/or edit the following CloudTest Site Configuration details:

Note: Be sure to click Update after making Site Configuration changes.

  • License Type/Key

The license key and type as defined by CloudTest.

  • Notify all users of available updates

Check this box to extend the automatic update notification feature to all users.

  • SMTP Server

Define an outgoing email server using SMTP.

  • SMTP Port

Accept or override the default SMTP Port setting.

  • Image Maximum Size

Select an image maximum size from the drop-down values (ranging from 1k to 500k.

  • Image MIME Types

Determines the allowable file types for image uploads. The default setting allows all browser-supported types.

  • URL

Set the URL for the link back included in Forgot Password emails.

  • Password Reset Expiration

Force users to enter the reset code received in email as a result of using "Forgot your password?".

  • Web Proxy

Specify a web (HTTP/HTTPS) proxy that can be used if this site is behind a firewall that prevents outgoing web connections.

Click Requires a password to enter one, if necessary.

  • Proxy Bypass List

Bypass the defined web proxy for inter-server communication (usually inside the firewall).

  • CloudTest CSS URL

Specify an alternate CSS skin for branding CloudTest.

  • TouchTest Agent CSS URL

Specify an alternate CSS skin for branding TouchTest Agent.