Upgrade to CloudTest Lite 54 on Mac OS X

The following additional steps are performed after un-zipping the new CloudTest Lite (CTL) 54 VM. Before beginning, verify the location of your CloudTest Lite VM(s) by selecting it in VMWare's Virtual Machines Library list, and right clicking to use Show In Finder.

How to

  1. Once your CloudTest Lite VM is located, right click it and then select "Show Package Contents."Note: Show Package Contents may not appear as a menu option in some OS X versions after 10.5. Users may desire to perform the upgrade steps in Non-Automated Upgrades While Using CloudTest Lite
  2. In the package folder, select all the files starting with "Virtual Disk 2", right click and then select "Copy 12 Items."
  3. Using Finder, switch to the new virtual machine directory, and then click Edit > Paste 12 Items.
  4. You will get a warning about the files already existing, click the box "Apply to All" then the button "Replace&rd.quo;

What you should see

After completing the above steps, start the CloudTest Lite 54 VM.