Creating a New Widget Library

In addition to extending custom widgets by editing the widget code, new widget libraries can be written and then included in CloudTest.

A primary reason one might implement a custom widget library would be to share common code between two or more widgets.

How to

  1. Navigate to Central > Dashboards. Right-click in the Dashboards list and then choose Create a New Widget Library.The Widget Library Editor appears.
  2. Enter a name, description (optional), define a folder (optional) for the CloudTest folder for the project, and write or copy and paste code into the editor.Creating a project folder is a good idea since it's often more convenient to open from Central list > Library item than from the Dashboard workflow. Typically, you'll create your custom library and then use the Widget Editor to deploy code in the context of a given widget.
  3. Enter the widget code using the example code above as a guideline
  4. Save the new widget library before exiting.

What you should see