Integrating Amazon CloudWatch as an External Data Source

The Amazon CloudWatch application performance management (APM) system can be configured as an external data source for performance intelligence within CloudTest.

External data charts from the external data service are presented in real-time, like any other charts, and can be viewed from a point in time, such as the time frame of a result, or a specific relative or absolute time range.Additionally, External Data appears as a new entry in the Check Server tree alongside other CloudTest services. Check Server(s) is viewed from within the Central > Servers and Server Instances lists using the lower panel Check Server(s) tab. When check server is run, the External Data Source is checked along with all the others.
Integrating Amazon CloudWatch

In order to access Amazon CloudWatch from CloudTest, the CloudTest server must be able to access the CloudWatch site, and a valid AWS Access Key as well as an AWS Secret Key must be provided.

  1. Navigate to Central > External Data Sources.

  1. Click New.The External Data Sources dialog box appears.

  2. Enter an External Data Source name.

Optionally, specify a folder location and description.

  1. Select Amazon CloudWatch in the Type drop-down..Note: Only Direct Connection is relevant as the Connection Method for CloudWatch since it is an SaaS site.

    1. Enter the AWS Access Key for the account.

    2. Select the Amazon EC2 region for the server.

    3. Enter the AWS Secret Key for the account and enter it a second time in the Confirm field.

    4. Use Test Connection to verify that the connection is successful and then click OK. The configured CloudWatch server is added to the External Data Sources list in Central.