Renew Parallel Repeats in Sequenced Clips in a Timed Band

Renew parallel repeats can be set on sequenced test clips in a timed band by using the clip surface toggle option in timed clips. Using this checkbox causes the count of parallel repeats to remain the same. Choose this option to replace each clip with a new clip (parallel repeat) as it ends.

The icons for clip repeats have been updated for this release to better reflect the new option.

Whenever the clip is set to Parallel Repeat with Renew Parallel Repeats using the surface toggle, the Clip properties > General tab in the Composition Editor lower panel Renew parallel repeats checkbox is also checked (and vice versa).

Script authors should note that index computations might be affected if the clip’s repeat index is in use in the clip when this setting is applied.

If Repeat By, serial is set, the Renew Parallel Repeats checkbox is inactive. This option doesn’t appear for non-fixed repeat types.