Editing and Playing an AMF-based Message in the Clip Editor

Viewing and editing an AMF message is the same as any other HTTP message within CloudTest.

  1. With the AMF-based test clip open in the Clip Editor, select a message that you’d like to edit and then double-click it.

The selected message is opened in the sub-pane with the tab title Selected: <MessageName> active. Note that the decoded content is presented as plain text just as with any other message.

How to

  1. Edit the message here by navigating through the nodes in the sub-pane tree.
  2. Play the message by clicking the Play button on the sub-pane toolbar. The tab will switch to Results when the response is received.

What you should see

When you play a message in the Clip Editor, if it has the AMF content-type, CloudTest will automatically encode it before sending the request. Similarly, message responses are decoded before they display in the Message Editor sub-pane of the Clip Editor. The decoded response will also be displayed in results (such as in the Result Details widget).

Note the "Content-Type: application/x-amf" header indicating the AMF type in the screenshot above.