Setting Repeats On Tracks and Test Clips

Track repeats can be Repeat By - Parallel, Repeat By – Serial, Repeat By, For Each, While, Infinite, or None. A Infinite, or infinite, track repeat will play infinitely until the test composition is stopped. Default repeat states vary by band timing. The default sequenced band uses None as the default repeat (note that the icon that appears in this state is the Virtual Users icon covered in the following section).

Clicking the repeats area once will change the repeat state to Repeat By – Parallel.

When the sequenced band is changed to a timed band, clicking the Virtual Users icon produces some additional options: None, Repeat By (Parallel), Repeat By (Serial), and Infinite appear consecutively. All repeat types can be set for both band timing types using the lower panel.

Note: Band timing can only be changed when no clips have been added to a test composition.