Include Options

Checked items in this section are included in the test clip scan.

The following Include options are presented:

  • Headers

Keep this checked to include HTTP headers from the recorded response in the scan of this test clip.

  • Envelope

Keep this checked to scan envelope nodes and attributes (SOAP, REST, etc.).

  • POST Data

Keep this checked to scan POST data associated with this test clip.

  • Query String Params

Keep this checked to scan Query String.

  • Use custom delimiters

Check this box and enter one or more comma-delimited custom delimiters to further delimit the fields POST Data, Query String Params, and Location (and not Entire URL, REST, Envelope, or Headers).

For example, if the user enters the following comma-delimited phrase: ;,:

Then, CloudTest will split the POST Data, Query String Params, and Location on both semi-colon and colon while searching for name/value pairs such as: 123;456;789

If the custom delimiter is: ;

Then, arg1=123 , arg2=456 , and arg3=789 .

  • Location

When Location is checked, either or both of the following two options can also be applied.

  • Entire URL

When including URLs, use the Exclude Names box and entry field on the right to delimit the scan by excluding those fields.

  • REST

REST parameters are excluded (e.g. unchecked) by default. With REST checked, use the Values box on the right to further delimit a scan for REST parameters. Alternately, check “Use a custom delimiter” to introduce a custom delimiter from a given environment.