Enable or Disable Dynamic Caching at the Clip Level

To enable or disable dynamic caching at the clip level:

How to

  1. Select the Clip Editor > Properties tab.
  2. Select the Page Resource Settings node in the Property Type list. The Cache Dynamic Resources drop-down appears on the far right of the pane.Note: As with other Page Resource Settings, cache settings can be overridden at the track or composition level in the Composition Editor.
  3. Click the Cache Dynamic Resources drop-down to choose from among:
    • Enabled
    • Disabled

What you should see

The following cache behavior applies when enabled:

  • If a page retrieves a particular resource statically a later page does not retrieve it dynamically.
  • If a script attempts to get the response for a message that was suppressed (for validation or extraction purposes or for whatever reason), it will see the cached response instead.
  • If a resource is not retrieved because it was suppressed due to caching, this is indicated in test results via the Events Log. Any Property Sets or validations set for the item not retrieved are suppressed. It is as if the message never got executed in all respects.
  • If a statistic is not retrieved it is also not counted. For example, a suppressed resource is not included in statistics such as those found in the Bytes Received, Duration, or other widgets.