Ensure that the target to change to exists before using the Mass Target Change command in the Clip Editor.

You can create a new target via the Central list > Targets. Refer to Target Object for an overview.

To mass change the target for a test clip:

How to

  1. In the Central list, select Test Clips, then locate and double-click the test clip to open it.The Test Clips list shows the current Test Clips in the system.
  2. Select a message(s) or action(s) whose target you want to change.
  3. Click the Messages/Actions tab in the lower panel, right-click the target in the Included Targets list, and select the Mass Target Change command fromn the menu. The Mass Target Change dialog box appears.
  4. Find the replacement target in the list and then click OK.

What you should see

The target is replaced for the selection(s).