Adding a Monitor Container to a Dashboard

The Monitor Container permits defined monitors to be easily added to new or existing dashboards while maintaining a separate time range from the other widgets in it. Monitor Container can be added to a composition using the same procedures described above.

In the screenshot on the right, the Widget Type > Containers list is shown.

How to

  1. Drag the monitor container to the dashboard workspace to add it.
  2. The Choose Monitor screen appears. Select a monitor from the list and then click the green right arrow.Note: The selection shown on the right is a previously defined Monitor Server Group.The Specify Server and Group Filters screen appears.
  3. Specify a selection and then click the green right arrow.
  4. The Monitor Container appears in the place where it was dropped. Each one of the resources defined within the Monitor(s) or Monitor Server Group(s) selected above are included in the container.

What you should see

If no time range or result is selected in the dashboard at this time, the widgets indicate that state with the posted message "No time range selected and time range controller disabled."