User-Defined Database Validations

CloudTest provides the ability to create custom user-defined validations per database action. Validations can be defined in Clip Editor, List view, or via the Clip Editor lower panel, Action Editor.

How to

  1. To configure a database validation, do either of the following:
    • In List view, select and expand the action whose response you’d like to validate.

    • In Icon view, select and double-click the database action to open it in the lower panel.

  2. Add the Validation to the action by clicking the Validation icon (in List view) or the Validation tab and green Plus (+) icon (in Icon view).The New Validation item is added to the action.
  3. Give the new validation a name.
  4. In the Validate field select from among:
    • Body – This validates a portion of the SQL response by matching.
    • Linked Script – This validates a portion of the SQL response using an existing script (in the repository)
    • Embedded Script – Executes the entered (or pasted) script

What you should see

Depending on the selection made here, the remainder of the form changes accordingly. Refer to the following sections depending on the option selected here.