Editing WebUI/Ajax Targets

In addition to the Target Info node, WebUI/Ajax targets include the following additional nodes:

  • Ajax Libraries

When the Ajax Libraries node is selected in the Target, the available libraries are displayed. Check any box to enable the given library.

  • Recording Options

Recording Options allow greater control on the browser actions that are captured when this target is in use during the browser recording phase in the Clip Editor. Uncheck options to suppress recording them.

  • Recorder Handlers

The Recorder Handler permits the addition of event handler functions to extend or override the default recorder behavior.

Useful recorder fields:


Set during mousedown to the target element of the clicked event (set during the mousedown because it's the first event to fire during a click or a drag and drop).s


Set during mousedown to the target element of the mousedown event.


Set during mousedown to the x.y coordinate movement string.

Useful recorder methods:


Returns the locator string that identifies the passed in element.

recorder.record(action, locator, arg1)

Adds the specified browser action to the test clip.

  • Runtime Options

Runtime Options permit the specification of waits, timeouts, intervals, and mouse speed during the WebUI test.

  • Custom Waits/Outputs/Validations

Define target-level waits, outputs, and validations that will carry over to actions based on this target.

XPath Builders

Define XPath builder classes to facilitate web application testing by defining unique strings to precisely identify an HTML element.

  • Location Strategies

Define Location strategies by defining strings to uniquely identify HTML elements.