Export Multiple Results to CSV or XML Spreadsheet Format

Users can export multiple results to a CSV file or XML Spreadsheet. The resulting export will present one row per result and the resulting spreadsheet contains the name, composition name, path, status, dates, and lots of total metrics. Many results can be selected for this type of export and they will all be in the same CSV file.

How to

  1. In the Central > Composition list expand the composition(s) to select from among their results.
  2. Right click the selection to access the Export command.
  3. In the Export dialog box, first select either the CSV or XML Spreadsheet export format, and then set the Data Source to "Basic Information."
  4. Click OK to complete the export.
  5. Open the exported CSV in your spreadsheet application to examine its columns. Apply application-specific formatting to fix up the text, if desired.

What you should see

For the Basic Information selection in the Data Source drop-down, the following fields are exported: