Upgrade to CloudTest Lite 54 on Windows

The following additional steps are performed after installing the new CloudTest Lite 54 VM.

How to

  1. Using the file manager find the directory where the VMs live, and then go into the first (old) CloudTest Lite directory. Unless your VMWare installation folder is non-standard, this should be: \Users\User\My Documents\Virtual Machines\CloudTest LiteOld.vmwarevm
  2. Grab and right click all the files that start Virtual Disk 2 and select "Copy."TIP: Depending on your Windows setup, the file extension may not be in display.
  3. Change to the CloudTest LiteNew.vmware directory.
  4. Right-click in the File Manager window and then select "Paste."

What you should see

After completing the above steps, restart the CloudTest Lite 54 VM.