The Paced section provides settings that allow the user to define delays to be automatically inserted between repeats in order to cause the repeats to occur at a certain rate. The rate is specified in milliseconds, as in “every n milliseconds”.

Pacing can be specified for serial repeats and parallel repeat renewal only.

There are two basic types of pacing: Constant rate and Random rate pacing.

At a constant rate of– The repeats are to occur at a regular, constant (e.g. even) rate.

At a random rate between [range] – The repeats are to occur at a random rate between a range bounded by a user set minimum and maximum.

The pacing rate information can be specified via constant(s) at definition time, or by clicking the Property Chooser icon for any field and then specifying a Custom or Global Property value that will insert the value at runtime. Therefore, the possible combinations are:

  • Even, constant – Even pacing with a constant rate specified at definition time.
  • Even, property – Even pacing with the rate coming from the value of a property at runtime.
  • Random, constant – Random pacing with the minimum and maximum rates specified as constants at definition time.

Random, property – Random pacing with the minimum and maximum rates coming from Custom or Global Properties at runtime. The values are taken from the properties when repeat first starts; they are not re-evaluated for each delay.