Use the following steps to create a Dashboard:

How to

  1. Click New with Dashboards selected in Central.—Or—For CloudTest and TouchTest users, you can also click New with Compositions selected in Central and then proceed to create a new dashboard from with the Composition Editor, Play tab. Standalone-dashboards can also be created from Central > Dashboards using New.
    • To create a new dashboard from within the Composition Editor, Play tab, simply click the "+" link to the right of the last dashboard tab.

    • Whenever a composition begins to play, the Result Details dashboard appears unless there is already a different default dashboard associated with the test composition or user. The Result Details widget begins to populate as the test plays.
    • Whenever an mPulse user logs in, the mPulse Dashboard will appear unless there is a different default dashboard set by the user.
    Use the Set As My Default Dashboard button in the Dashboard Edit Panel to use any dashboard as your default.

    After choosing New, the Dashboard wizard appears with the New or Existing Dashboard page in display.
  2. Select Create a New Dashboard to define a new dashboard (you can opt to open an existing dashboard).When you do so, the New Dashboard Setup page appears.
  3. In the New dashboard setup page:
    • Enter a dashboard name
    • Select a dashboard folder (optional)
    • Select a Widget Layout

    Widgets you add will occupy the available vertical space within the dashboard. Available space is determined by how many widgets are already in a dashboard. The minimum height that a widget will shrink to is its default height. When If sufficient widgets are stacked in a dashboard, then Dashboard scroll bars will appear. Only a handful of widgets have a fixed height, including Fundamentals (CloudTest), Summary (mPulse), and Timers and Metrics (mPulse).
  4. Click Next. The new dashboard is created and opens in its own tab (if you're in the Composition Editor that tab is also within it). The Choose Widget dialog appears in two positions at the top of the dashboard.
    • The dashboard opens as a new tab with the Widget Selection Panel toggled on.

What you should see

Click the Toolbar Widget Selection Panel button to toggle the Widget Selection Panel on or off. For new dashboards, the Widget Selection Panel appears automatically toggled on.