Setting Repeats from a Message Response

A message response that returns an integer can be extracted, placed into a custom clip property, which can then be used to set the repeat count for subsequent test clips via the ""Property: Fixed"" repeat type.

For example, in the screenshot on the right, the "First Clip" executes a message whose response contains an integer, 10, which is then placed into a property. The "First Clip" is set to local scope so that its property can be accessed by elements outside it within the same track

Open the "First Clip" in the Clip Editor, click the Properties tab in the lower panel, and then use the Custom Properties tab, Plus icon to define a custom clip property to store a value. In this case, the value will be populated from a message response that contains an integer. Save the test clip after adding this property.

In the Clip Editor, populate the value of this custom property from the output (e.g. response field) by entering the custom clip property name entered above. The value can be typed, or, click the Property Chooser icon and select the custom property from the displayed properties.

In the example on the right, the Selected: Message1‘s response contains an output field, value1 , from which a value is extracted and stored into the custom property called Received count .

In the Composition Editor, select the "Second Clip" and right click to select Edit Properties. In the lower panel, click the Repeat tab and then click the Repeat Type drop-down and define "Property:Fixed," using the Repeat Value field to enter the "First Clip" custom property path.

For example, {%% prop : track : First Clip/Received count %%} .

Note: For CloudTest builds earlier than 3925.34 this setting should be entered as {%% prop : First Clip/Received count %%}

Ensure that the "First Clip" has local scope set in the Composition Editor, which is a requirement for external elements to access its data. See Setting and Using Message Scope.

Play the Composition by clicking the Play icon on the Composition Editor toolbar. When play is done, inspect the Result Details widget. Click Navigation Tree to show the hierarchy of composition elements. Note that in the shot on the right the "Second Clip" shows up 10 times.

With "First Clip" selected, click the Events List tab. The response value for value1 should match the total number of clip repeats for the "Second Clip" as shown above.