Play Modes and Warnings

In order to facilitate fast play for larger test compositions, CloudTest utilizes load/unload as well as play modes. For that reason, in some cases warnings are posted for the user to confirm certain actions.

Attempting to unload a test composition that is already playing will result in the prompt shown on the right.

In addition to warnings about unloading a playing composition, attempting play a composition with >= 10 Virtual Users will also result in a warning. CloudTest uses play modes to guide the use of virtual users in test compositions. Large tests with more than 10 virtual users should use Load mode. See Play Mode and Results Logging for more information about play modes in CloudTest.

Clicking the Stop button (either in the Composition Editor toolbar or from the Central list > Player Status display) displays the Stop dialog box and a choice between Stop and Force Stop (as shown on the right). Refer to Stopping a Composition for more information.