Monitoring a Server Behind a Firewall

CloudTest’s monitoring system can connect directly or through the use of a conductor. If the target server is behind a firewall or otherwise not directly accessible, you can install a conductor onto a server behind the firewall which can be used to establish a connection to the CloudTest server. To install a conductor, see Installing CloudTest Conductor. The conductor can be installed onto the target server itself, or onto another server from which a direct connection to the target server can be established.

Once the conductor is installed, you can create a new Monitoring Server using the conductor connection method by the following steps:

How to

  1. In the Central list, click Monitoring Servers.
  2. Click the New icon in the upper toolbar.
  3. When the Add a new Monitor Server or Monitor wizard appears, select the Monitor Server option and click Next.
  4. Provide a name for the new Monitoring Server.
  5. Add the host (this is the target server to be monitored—in this case, the host or host names where the Conductor(s) reside. If the conductor is installed directly onto the target server, you can enter a local address, such as localhost.
  6. Click Next, and then select the desired resource categories that the target offers, then click Next.
  7. For each resource category that you select, for the Connection Method, select the desired Conductor. Enter connection credentials if required by the server, then click Next.
  8. On the summary page, affirm that the settings are accurate. If anything needs to be changed, press the Back button to make the necessary corrections. Finally, click Finish to create the Monitoring Server.

What you should see