Specifying Widget Settings

begin-widget-settings : To begin specifying widget settings, include the "begin-widget-settings" tag:

{%% begin-widget-settings %%}

After the begin-widget-settings tag, you can specify any of the following setting tags:

name : This specifies a custom name that will be used in the title bar.

{%% name : My Custom Widget Name %%}

color : This specifies a color to use in the widget title bar. The color must be specified in HTML hex color notation (the prefix hash mark is optional).

{%% color : #232323 %%}

theme : This specifies the theme to be used in a chart capture. See the dashboard UI for the full list of themes with colors.

{%% theme : Evolution %%}

Optionally, if you wish to start with a particular color offset in the theme, you can specify the offset by number:

{%% theme : Evolution : 3 %%}

show-x-axis : This boolean value specifies whether or not to show the vertical X-Axis grid lines in the chart image.

{%% show-x-axis : true | false %%}

height : You can specify an absolute pixel height for the widget image with this setting. {%% height : 200 %%}

split-dimensions : For chart widgets that support split dimensions, you can specify a single value, or comma-separated list of dimensions to split on.

{%% split-dimensions : Domain, Location %%}

end-widget-settings : Finally, after all the settings are specified, use the "end-widget-settings" tag to close the set:

{%% end-widget-settings %%}

The widget settings specified will apply to all following widget image captures (similarly to the settings for external data sources).

clear-widget-settings:To reset / clear the settings to the default set, use the "clear-widget-settings" tag:

{%% clear-widget-settings %%}

begin-no-duplication and end-no-duplication : Use no-duplication tag that can be used to wrap groups in "for-each-result" blocks. Any content inside the no-duplication tags will only be included in the first result, but not in any subsequent results:

{%% begin-no-duplication %%}


{%% end-no-duplication %%}

begin-for-each-result : When multiple results are selected to create a report, the template section is duplicated in the template via:

{%% begin-for-each-result : toc-targets %%}

Use begin-no-duplication in the for-each loop to wrap sections. Using the no-duplication tag in this way will suppress repeated information in all but the first section.