Collections in the Clip Editor

The Clip Editor shows collections collapsed by default. Expand a collection by clicking its Plus (+) icon.

Once expanded, a collection in Icon view occupies an entire row in the Clip Editor workspace with following elements resuming in the next row.

For example, in the test clip to the right, the login (1) page was the item in the fourth position on the first row, however, once expanded it occupies the second row as shown below. All the individual resources prior to this page still occupy the first row.

The Clip Editor supports all collection types: Pages, Groups, Chains, Transactions, If-Then-Else, and Switch. Using these collection types, CloudTest performs important browser simulation tasks.

Within the Clip Editor, each collection type is indicated by a distinct icon and expands/collapses similarly. Each collection object has its own scope as indicated by the lock icon on the lower right. Click the Plus (+) sign to expand a collection and Minus (-) to collapse it.

Pages can either be automatically created (using the Create a Clip from Recording Wizard) or manually created from within the Clip Editor. Both chains and groups are manually created.