In Situ Substitution Expressions

In Situ Substitution Expressions (ISSEs), are text expressions that can be entered anywhere within Message text to be sent. The ISSEs are replaced with their corresponding value before the Message is sent.

ISSEs can be entered in either the Form or the XML side of the Message Editor. They can appear anywhere within the Message text. There is no relationship between ISSEs and XML (if the Message being sent is XML) – a pure text replacement is done. Therefore, ISSEs can cause XML to be inserted into the Message. There is currently no way to specify that the text produced by an ISSE is to be escaped for XML purposes – the user must arrange for that himself.

ISSE’s can be interspersed within partial field values to cause the results of the ISSEs to be concatenated to or inserted into partial constant values.

There are three major types of ISSEs: property references, global property references, and expressions.