How do I retrieve a VMWare log?

Use the following instructions to retrieve the vmware.log in the event it is requested by Akamai technical support:
  1. Locate the virtual machine.

    1. Open the virtual machine's Settings dialog.

      • For VMware Player: Open the virtual machine and select it in the Library. Then click the "Edit Virtual Machine Settings" link.

    2. In the Virtual Machine Settings dialog, select the Options tab. Then select the General page in the list.

    3. The edit box in the "Working directory" section contains the location of the virtual machine. Copy that address and paste it into the address bar of an Explorer window.

  1. Collect vmware.log files (aka the "VMX log")

    1. There are up to four log files: "vmware.log", "vmware-0.log", "vmware-1.log", and "vmware-2.log".

The file "vmware.log" corresponds to the most recent execution of the virtual machine. If you are not sure when your virtual machine encountered the problem, it is perfectly fine to submit all of the available logs.