Using Transaction Thresholds in Jenkins

The Transaction Threshold feature appears in the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin's Play Composition(s), Additional Options section, which appears whenever you click the Advanced button (shown below).

  • To add a Transaction Threshold, click Add.

  • Once Add is clicked, the Transaction Thresholds form appears.

  • Enter the Transaction Name to track. If you're not sure of the transaction's name, go to your CloudTest/TouchTest instance and inspect the test clip that contains it, and then note its name to enter here. For example, Transaction1.
  • Click the Threshold drop down to select from the available Thresholds.

Note: When you set up a Transaction Threshold using this section, you are setting up an implicit validation on the test composition(s) defined in the same Jenkins job. When the threshold result is outside the limit defined here, the test validation will fail.