Access Control Configuration

Once the account is configured (for any cloud provider), add users and/or tenants via the Security section of the Cloud Provider Account dialog box.

  • Security

Configure permissions per User / Tenant. Each user (per tenant) can have Read, Write, and Propagate access control permissions.

  • Read

The user/tenant can view the Cloud Provider Account but not edit or execute tests.

  • Write

The user/tenant can view and edit the Cloud Provider Account.

  • Use

The user/tenant can view, edit, and use the Cloud Provider Account to launch Grids and Results Databases.

  • Add

Click Add to include users or tenants in the Security list and then configure permissions per user or tenant.

Note: Once configured, the Cloud Provider Account name is specified prior to runtime via the Grid Manager > Server Instances page.

If the wrong credentials are used here deployments in the Grid Manager that use this cloud provider account will fail.