Pause and Resume Ramp

Test composition ramps can be paused and resumed on demand using the Pause Ramp/Resume Ramp drop down on the Composition Editor toolbar.

A “ramp” is in use when one or more tracks have been specified to repeat in parallel within a specified Start Interval (provided as milliseconds). Parallel repeats, or virtual users, on a track start at the Start Interval rather than all at once.

Note: In CloudTest, each parallel repeat of a track represents one Virtual User.
Pause Ramp

When Pause Ramp is set, all tracks with a parallel repeat with an interval will stop adding new repeats during the pause. Therefore, the number of Virtual users will hold steady and not increase.

Resume Ramp

When Resume Ramp is set, CloudTest resumes adding new Virtual Users at the specified rate.

Ramp Pause and Resume Ramp are independent from full pause and resume (by clicking Play). A full pause pauses everything. All users, even existing users, pause what they are doing, and all activity (sending, etc.) is paused.

Ramp pausing and full pausing can be done at any time, and can overlap, partially or fully. A full pause is performed with the Pause button on the Player Control.

Changes to track properties on the track surface correspond to the track’s lower panel properties.

The Virtual Users chart on the right shows a ramp beginning in a test, with more users added over time.

A paused ramp appears as a flat spot or plateau in the Virtual Users chart. The flat spot is where the pause was in effect—no new users were being added. Existing users were still active, however.