How does CloudTest map virtual users to SSL connections? Does each virtual user get an SSL connection and keeps it open for a collection?

HTTP and HTTPS life cycles are handled identically by CloudTest. Connections are scoped to the Clip level. When the Clip or Clip Iteration ends, all connections are closed.

If a test composition uses nested Clips, and has Merge Targets enabled, then connections are scoped to the parent Clip.

Within a Clip instance, CloudTest opens a connection the first time it plays a Message for a given Target. Then, if you have multiple Targets for the same server, CloudTest will use separate connections.

In "ordinary" sequential playback, CloudTest never opens more than 1 connection.

If Pages are in use, then CloudTest will open additional connections as needed to support parallelism, up to the max defined in the Target settings. The default is 6, which we believe matches modern browsers.

The total number of connections limit used by a Page can be set in the Target Editor—regardless of how many hosts there are—via the target's Connection Options section, using the "Maximum Connections per Host" and "Maximum Total Connections" settings.

Even though resources within a Page all share the same Target, the max connections is per host. Again, this matches what browsers do. So if your Page includes resources from multiple hosts, CloudTest may open more than 6 connections, up to (6 * num_hosts).

The default is no total limit, only the per-host limit.