Section 3: Other automated build tools

Any build tool that can run a program and check the exit code can be used to incorporate CloudTest.

Here is an example using make :

SCOMMAND_HOME=/Downloads/scommand SCOMMAND_BIN=$(SCOMMAND_HOME)/bin CLOUDTEST_URL=localhost:8080/concerto CLOUDTEST_USERNAME=exampleuser CLOUDTEST_PASSWORD=*** all: cloudtests cloudtests: $(SCOMMAND_BIN)/scommand cmd=play type=composition name="/My tests/Composition 1" url=$(CLOUDTEST_URL) username=$(CLOUDTEST_USERNAME) password=$(CLOUDTEST_PASSWORD) wait

Using the play command with the wait parameter causes SCommand to wait until the composition (or playlist) finishes, and then exit with code 0 if the test passes, or code 1 if it fails.