Analysis Widget Sorting

Certain widget types can be sorted in ascending or descending numerical (or even alphabetical) order. Clip Analysis and Collection Analysis (Grouped) are the only widgets available for sorting.

To sort an analysis widget:

How to

  1. Log into your CloudTest instance.
  2. Create a new Dashboard or select an existing one.
  3. Open the Dashboard data panel and choose the appropriate Composition.
  4. Under Widget Type, go to Tables > Clip Analysis or Collection Analysis (Grouped).

What you should see

You can change sorting order by clicking on a column header. As soon as you click, a triangle icon appears, indicating whether the data in the column is listed in descending or ascending order.

In the image below, Avg Duration data is listed in ascending order (as indicated by the triangle icon). Consequently, data in other columns is arranged according to how the Avg Duration column is ordered.

Conversely, after clicking the column header, Avg Duration data is listed in descending order (indicated by the triangle icon). In addition, data in other columns will once again be arranged according to the order of data in the Avg Duration column.