Waits for Browser or App Actions

CloudTest provides user-configurable waits that a Web page or mobile app test might require that are not covered by the built-in waits. These waits are what allow you to test dynamic asynchronous resources in a given test. For example, a Web page might show a loading animation while it is accessing a database to collect content that it will soon display on the page. When the content is available, it hides the loading indicator and displays the content. You can add a post-action wait to the command that initiated the database access to wait for the loading indicator to not be visible and then validate that the content is correct.

Waits are commands that tell CloudTest not to execute an action until a condition is met (pre-action waits), or to not continue processing the outputs, validations, and property sets of that action until a condition is met (post-action waits). These built-in waits occur in both browser actions and app actions (depending upon the nature of the given action).