Creating a New Script

How to

  1. When New Script is selected and Edit is clicked, the New Script and Value Location Definition box appears.Use this box to specify parameters for generating a script to replace the specified value. This page does not appear when using other wizard options.
  2. Give the new script a name.
  3. Check Save as a linked script to insert this script into the test clip. A linked script will be inserted after the relevant test clip component(s), which must have local scope. Uncheck the Save as a link script box to save the script without adding it to this test clip.
  4. Response Content from the prior step is shown with a default parameter selected. Select text in the Response Content field and then click Insert Selected for any of the following: Leading Text, Trailing Text, Value Length or End of Text.
  5. Click Generate Script to generate the script. The script code is posted to the script field based on the selection(s). If alternate values were selected above after Generate Script was clicked, click the button a second time.
  6. Click OK or Cancel to abandon the new script.

What you should see