Manual Test Clip Creation

Before creating a new Test Clip manually you must have at least one Target and/or at least one Script in your Repository.

  • A Target points to the application, service, or web site that you want to test, including its location (URL), and any authentication information necessary to successfully run a test.
  • A Script specifies a set of actions to be taken at a specific point in the execution of a Test Composition (via the test clip in which the script has been placed). CloudTest Scripts are written in JavaScript.

You can verify that you have a target in Central > Targets.

Test clips can be created manually or automatically by using one of three recording techniques: HTTP(S) Recording, Browser Recording., or Mobile App Recording (also known as TouchTest Recording). In the automatic process, targets are automatically created as an output of the recording process.

If you want to create a Browser Action Test Clip, you should install the CloudTest Browser Recorder (Firefox only). Go to Central > Welcome. Under Download, click the link for Browser Recorder Installer. HTTPS recording and Browser Action test playback both require Installing CloudTest Conductor.