Creating an If-Then-Else Statement in Icon View

If-Then-Else containers can be created either on one or two containers, messages, or browser actions. They cannot be created on clip elements within a page.

  • Select one item to create and If/Then.
  • Select two items to create an If-Then-Else. An Else statement can be added at a later time by using drag and drop on any valid clip element (e.g. messages, browser actions, or containers).

How to

  1. First, identify to clip elements to create the If-Then-Else container. Right-click and choose Create If-Then-Else after doing so.

    When you do so, the selected items are placed into the container with the default IF value of Property [not specified].

  2. Define the IF portion of the statement by selecting from the drop-down. Choose from among Constant, Property, Linked Script, or Embedded Script.
    • For a Constant, set the value to True or False. The use of a constant in this context is useful for test creation and provides an additional “debug” mode. In cases where more than two values are possible in a response, consider using the new Switch container.

    • For a Property, click Browse to select the value from the Property Chooser dialog box.

    • For a Linked Script, click the Script icon to select from the Script Browser. The script must already exist at the time of selection.
    After selection, the script name is inserted into the Switch line.

    • For an Embedded Script, click the Plus icon if necessary to expand the entry field and enter or paste the script.
  3. Save the test clip after making the above changes.