Editing Native/Mobile App Targets

Mobile targets are considerably simpler than WebUI targets, since they lack Location Strategies and many of the other Ajax-related fields required for browser-based functional tests.

Use the remaining steps to ensure that a manually-created target is used for a given Device Agent / Mobile App combination.

How to

  1. Specify the Device Agent by name from among those configured.
  2. Specify the Mobile App to use from among those configured.Note: Mobile apps are configured by the Mobile Administrator. If your mobile app doesn¢t appear, discuss it with your Admin.
  3. Check the Terminate app at clip completion box to ensure that the mobile app is returned to its original state at the end of the test (or between clip plays in cases where the clip is used more than once in a given test composition).
  4. Save the target after making any changes.
    • Ajax Libraries

What you should see

When the Ajax Libraries node is selected in the Target, the available libraries are displayed. Check any box to enable the given library.