Configuring a Network Emulation Profile in a JMeter Composition

How to

  1. To open your JMeter composition in the Composition Editor, right-click the appropriate JMeter test listed in your CloudTest instance and select Open in Compositionin the drop-down menu.

  2. Once in the Composition Editor, go to the Properties tab and open a track.

  3. In the General tab, under Maestro Settings, select a Network Emulation Profile.
    Keep the following in mind:
    • You can only select one Network Emulation Profile per Track..
    • You may set up multiple Tracks and specify different or the same Network Emulation Profiles for those Tracks. However, if multiple profiles are selected for the same test server, an error message will appear because only one Network Emulation Profile can be used for one test server (server-wide network emulation).
  4. In the Location menu, choose a server for load testing.
    Keep the following in mind:
    • You may select one or multiple test servers for load testing. One test server can be set per Location. Never run network emulation on the Main server.
    • You can only configure one Network Emulation Profile per Track. In other words, if you set up multiple test servers with multiple Locations on the a Track, that same Network Emulation Profile will apply to the all the test servers on this Track.

    Note: The Shared Bandwidth per Server option is always enabled for JMeter Tests. This means that all virtual users on the same server will share bandwidth.

  5. Open the result in the Composition Editor.