Target Info - General - General Info

The first section of the Target Info screen shows general Information about a target. The screenshot on the right shows an HTTP URL for an HTTP target. This target may have been auto-generated from an HTTP.

  • Name

The target's name as it appears in the Targets list as well as in Available Targets and Included Targets lists.

  • Description

The optional description of the target.

  • Location/WSDL/Starting URL

This field defines the location or "target" itself. The label of this field varies depending upon the type of target.

  • Location

Location for an HTTP target

  • Starting URL

Starting URL for a WebUI/Ajax target

  • WSDL

The base WSDL URL for a SOAP WSDL target or a REST target

  • Geographic Location

The value of this field will display in the Activity Maps widget as the lable for this target in that map.