Setting a Container Property Value before Play

Use the following steps to set the property values of a container before it plays. This procedure uses the Clip Editor, Property Sets Before tab for the given container.

How to

  1. Open the container in the Clip Editor lower panel by double-clicking it in the workspace. The Selected tab (e.g. Selected: Login) appears in the lower panel.
  2. Click the Property Sets Before tab.
  3. Determine the property to set. For example, the password field in the Login nested clip.

  4. To set the property value to a constant, click the Override Value field for the given property row and enter the new value. For example, the value new_password has been entered in the password row shown below.
    Note that the leftward green arrow becomes active whenever an override value is entered.

    Additionally, the Delete PropSet icon (on the far right below) becomes active when an override value exists for a given row, in case you wish to remove that Property Set action.

    • If the property will be populated from the value of another property, instead of an entered constant, click the Path column’s Browse icon and then select that property from the Path dialog box using the appropriate target or clip element.

    For example, set the container’s password property from an underlying target’s system property, Password.

  5. Save the Clip after making any changes.