Database Column Data Type Support

CloudTest supports most database column data types supported by the JDBC drivers, except for the following advanced types:

  • Array
  • Distinct
  • Other
  • Struct
  • UDT (User Defined Types) (this pertains to Microsoft SQL Server only)
  • Variant - Note that CloudTest relies on the JDBC driver of SQL Server for Direct to Database Testing. The user has to avoid the “variant” data type when using the Direct to Database Testing feature on CloudTest.

A given JDBC driver's unsupported data types will not return the column value on query (e.g., SQL SELECT statement). Instead, a text in the form of <ColumnTypeName>(<ColumnIndex>):<ColumnObjectName> will be returned and displayed on the UI. For example, the Oracle JDBC driver doesn't support the data type UROWID (Refer to Valid SQL-JDBC Data Type Mappings).