Automatic CloudTest and CloudTest Lite Updates

CloudTest uses a streamlined automatic update process for all editions (CloudTest Lite, CloudTest Standard, CloudTest Pro, and CloudTest Enterprise).

All CloudTest users are automatically notified after logging in whenever an update build is available for installation.

The available updates are dynamically indicated by the Change Indicator in the upper right of the screen after Login (as shown right).

Note: Site Administrators can hide this notification from other users via Central > Site Administration by unchecking the “Notify all users of available updates” box (shown right).

  • For CloudTest Lite users, no special permissions are required to initiate an update.
  • For CloudTest Standard, CloudTest Pro, and CloudTest Enterprise only administrative users can perform an update.
Note: Since CloudTest Standard, Pro, and Enterprise environments are generally multiple user environments that may have playing compositions underway, or multiple users logged on, some update planning may be useful in order not to inconvenience those users.

The Updates tab indicates conflicting activities that are underway and should be stopped before an update takes place. CloudTest Administrators can also refer to the Central > Logged-On Users list to ensure that activities are cleared and users are logged off before an update is initiated

  • For other CloudTest Standard, CloudTest Pro, and CloudTest Enterprise users, the update process is read-only.

Non-administrators can view the About dialog box, Update tab. However, the Update to Selected Release button is disabled and a prompt to "Contact your CloudTest site administrator to update your Environment” displays.