How do I increase VMWare system memory for CloudTest Lite?

In some circumstances when running CloudTest Lite in VMWare, the virtual machine can run out of memory even if the recommended 2048 KB is correctly set. For example, increasing test complexity can place additional demands on the host system. In these cases, use the following instructions to increase the memory available to the virtual machine.
Note: Memory settings in VMWare require that the affected virtual machine be shutdown (and not merely suspended as shown on the right). If the VM is not shut down, use Virtual Machine > Shut Down at this time.

Select the CloudTest Lite item in the Virtual Machine Library. As noted above, this item should be in "Powered off" status.

  1. Click the Settings button.

  1. Click Processors & RAM under the System Settings section.

  1. Note the current setting. CloudTest Lite's minimum memory requirement is 2048 MB. However, with greater test complexity this minimum can easily be exceeded (a scenario that results in a "GC Overhead Limit Exceeded" error). It will be necessary to increase this memory amount. The ability to do so will depend upon the particulars of your total available system memory. If possible, double this amount (e.g. to 4096) and try using CloudTest Lite again.