Targets, Target Types, and Target Options

A Target points to an application, service, mobile device and app combination, or a web site that you want to test, including its location (URL), and any authentication information necessary to successfully run a test. You can create the target with the provided recording technique(s) for the target type, then modify the target, if necessary, to include such information as authentication credentials.

A Target also contains a specification of the information needed to properly format and send messages to the given test service, mobile app, site, or in the case of WebSocket-based sites-the site's underlying protocol. A a serves as a template for Test Clips that will be created based upon its values—fill in Target values such as inputs, outputs, and validations, and they will also appear in messages using that Target.

The Targets list shows all configured targets (including SOAP WSDL, HTTP, WebUI/Ajax and other targets) that are currently defined. The target Name, Owner, Created, and Last Modified dates are displayed. Click the column headings to sort by any given field.—either by using the Recording Editor or the Clip Editor's recording mechanism.

Users should note that most targets are and should be created by using the recording methods provided