Renew Virtual Users on a Track

The Composition Editor, Track properties > General tab includes a Renew parallel repeats checkbox. Use this option to replace each virtual user with a new virtual user (parallel repeat) as it ends. Using this checkbox causes the count of parallel repeats to remain the same throught a test. The active tracks will remain the same in order to generate the specified load. Each track repeat gets a new repeat number (index).

For example, 100 Virtual Users have an index 0 to 99, but the 35th user ends, it is replaced by new user 100.

Note: Script authors should note that index computations might be affected if the track’s repeat index is in use in the track when this setting is applied.

Additionally, icons for track repeats reflect the currently select repeat option.

Once Renew parallel repeats is checked in the track’s lower panel properties, the Virtual Users icon (shown right) indicates that as shown below.

Charts that use the track repeat instance for calculations are also affected by this change.

  • In General Mode, the Result Details widget may show more track repeat instances than the number of repeats specified (the 101 from the above example). Once again, only 100 are active at a time.
  • The “Virtual User” count in the “Fundamentals” widget counts the total number of Virtual Users ever created, so it may show a higher number than the number you specified (101 in the above example).
  • The “Current Virtual User” count in the “Fundamentals” widget, and the Virtual User Chart widget will always show the number of Tracks that are actually active (100 in the above example).