Filtering Results by Duration Timespan

The Duration Timespan filter for dashboards and widgets allows users to track both full and effective duration for all containers.

The Duration Timespan filter appears on the dashboard edit panel's Filter tab, Attribute drop down for dashboards that use duration widgets and for the duration widgets themselves. This filter can be added to a dashboard or widget, but effective duration data can only be displayed for tests that were run after the introduction of this feature.

When Duration Timespan is used, the underlying Maestro server will provide a number that includes only transport times for each container type.

If no Duration Timespan filter exists then the default behavior is to show effective duration for tests created after the introduction of this feature and full durations for tests run prior to this.

At the widget level, the Duration Timespan filter appears only for duration widgets.

Duration widgets are found in the Widget Type Selection Panel's Widget Types, Charts, Durations category.

The possible operator values for Duration Timespan are: "Effective" and "Full."

Effective – Effective duration includes only that time it took to execute resources from point A to point B in time. This measure is the overall amount of time doing real work as opposed to the overhead created by ancillary tasks (i.e. time spent doing validations, scripts, IF statements, etc.). Users should note that parallel tasks (such as in the resources section of a page) are not counted separately.

For example, if a Page had two resources, which were sent in parallel, and one took 10 seconds to send and receive whiled the other took 15 seconds, the effective duration of the resources section of that page is 15, and not 25.

Note: Delay times are an exception to the general rule about calculating effective duration. They are included in this measure.

Full – The full amount of time including the overhead of ancillary tasks for the given container from beginning to end.

In the screenshot below, effective duration is applied at the dashboard level.

If the Duration Timespan, Effective Duration value is set on a dashboard or widget, and the displayed result does not have this data, then the dashboard will show "empty" (or, if it's a chart, "No Data", and, if it's a cell in an Analysis widget, then the same dash shown "-" for other non-applicable fields will be shown).