Report Template Reference

The Report Template Reference presents the necessary syntax to create CloudTest report templates using Microsoft Word.

CloudTest report templates are written in either:

  • DOCX format, which is also known as the "Office Open XML" format, and is available in Word 2007 or later versions
  • HTML format (requires CloudTest 53 or later)

Default templates for both formats are found in Central > Report Templates. Template files can be downloaded via the lower panel.

The tags used in the DOCX and HTML version of CloudTest's template language are interchangeable—DOCX uses the curly brackets rather than HTML tags—with only one exception:

The "toc-targets" attribute of the "begin-for-each-result" isn't applicable to the HTML template and will be ignored. This attribute is used to update the Word TOC, which isn't applicable to HTML templates.

Note: For all tags below, the equivalent HTML syntax can be used. Substitute < and > for Word's curly braces. As noted above, HTML reports are available only in CloudTest 53 or later.

Refer to Creating Report Templates and Reports for general instructions about report templates, including download, upload (e.g. of revised templates), and report creation.