Results Database Selection for a Composition

CloudTest Pro end users will see additional composition options in the Play Settings tab on systems where more than one Results Database has been configured by an Administrator. Result Database selection is done on the Composition Editor toolbar or in the Composition Editor > Play Settings tab and is composition wide.

Note: The Administrator determines the default result database for a CloudTest Pro configuration. For configurations where only one results database is configured, this toolbar drop-down, as well as its corresponding lower panel property (shown below), doesn’t appear.

Where applicable, the Results Database drop-down will show the following options:

  • (Use Default) – The administrator set default will be used.
  • (Prompt_ - The user will be prompted at test runtime to select a results database.
  • Other named database(s) – The listed non-local database(s) will be used if a named database other than local is selected. For example, “Amazon EC2 (RDB1)” as shown below.
  • Local database – The local database will be used.<

The default behavior for result database selection is to prompt the user to select a Results database at runtime. However, the creator of the test can choose to Use Default, Prompt, or specify a database to use for the given test composition.

Toolbar selection corresponds to the same setting found in the Composition properties > Play Settings tab > Results Database drop-down.

When Prompt is set, the following dialog box appears at runtime.

If the result name is also set to prompt, both options are set in this dialog box.

Note: If CloudTest Pro cannot contact the Results Database server when the test composition is played, an error notifies the user of this state.