Exporting Results

Result objects can be exported into a variety of formats: CloudTest XML Definition, Comma Separated Value (CSV), XML Spreadsheet (which can be read by Excel) as well as RSS 2.0 files. Individual, or in some cases, multiple results can be selected and exported for the given metric by selecting one of these formats; results can be selected from either the Compositions list or from the Results list in Central.

Multiple result exports are supported for tests run in parallel for the following selections: Page Completions, Page Average Durations, Transaction Completions, Transaction Average Durations, and Fundamentals Summary.

For a separate overview and metric definitions, refer to Understanding Metrics in CloudTest Analytics.

Additionally, users should make themselves aware of CloudTest Objects to which metrics are applied, including Bands, Tracks, various Clip Elements such as Collections, Test Clips, and Test Compositions.