Enable Cross-Domain Using a System Property Override

How to

  1. With the composition open in the Composition Editor, click the Properties tab.
  2. The Properties screen will open showing a tree of the components of the Test Composition.
  3. Select the clip in the tree. For example, under Track 1, select SOASTA Store WebUI as shown on the right.
  4. Select the Property Sets tab. This is where you will set Browser Type (via a System Property override).
  5. In the Property Sets tab, Other Property Sets section, click the green Plus icon.
  6. A new row is added to the Other Property Sets list and icons appear in the original row. Cick the Path button (...). In the remaining steps we will override the default Conductor value of the given target and repeat that for each clip instance in this test.
  7. The Path dialog box appears. Select the target (e.g. SOASTA Store UI)
  8. In the System tab on the right, select the Browser Type system property.
  9. Click OK to exit the Path dialog box.
  10. The row is populated with the Browser Type property. Choose a Browser Type override value for this clip. For example, Firefox Cross-Domain or IE Cross Domain.
  11. Save the composition after making any changes.

What you should see