Clip Aggregate

This export contains aggregated information for each clip executed during the test. It contains one row for each clip/error/completion status/Start Time combination regardless of how many times that clip was executed during the second or from which track or band it was executed.

  • Clip Name – The name of the test clip in the test composition.
  • Error – The error text (or NONE if no error).
  • Completion Status – The completion status. For example, Playing or Completed.
  • Start Second – The second when the given clip started.
  • Count – The count for the clip aggregate.
  • Total Duration – The total duration for the clip aggregate.
  • Min. Duration – The minimum clip duration.
  • Max. Duration – The maximum clip duration.
  • Total Msg. Response Time – The total message response time.
  • Min. Msg. Response Time – The minimum message response time.
  • Max. Msg. Response Time – The maximum message response time.
  • Message Response Count – The count of messages responses.
  • Bytes Sent – The sum of the total number of bytes for the test clip sent to the remote server, including the request line, the headers, the body, and all separating whitespace.
  • Bytes Received –The total number of bytes received from the remote server for the clip, including the status line, the headers, the body, and all separating whitespace. If the response requires any post-processing (e.g. decompression or binary-to-text-conversion), this will be the number of bytes *before* the post-processing took place.